Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Loud and Clear Car Audio Hawaii LLC

We aren't mainstream. We create our own paths. Increasing the dream 1 db at a time.

Somos Uno 2nd Annual Event

The community has spoken! LNCCA will be hosting a 2nd annual event on Oahu in 2020. This time around we have put together a team of enthusiasts who share the same passion! This show will be an atmosphere where a diverse crowd can admire others’ builds as well as create new relationships. For businesses big and small you will have an opportunity to reach potential new clients as well as have a chance to showcase your work, whatever it maybe! Make sure to follow @LNCCA_HI on Instagram for more up to date information as it becomes available. Also, registration links will be created and you will have the chance to get your rides showcased!!


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