Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

Loud and Clear Car Audio Hawaii LLC

We aren't mainstream. We create our own paths. Increasing the dream 1 db at a time.


It all started back in the late 90’s. My mom had an old home theater surround sound system with 2 towers holding 15 inch subwoofers in each housing unit. I didn’t think that my moms Blazer was loud enough for me, so I grabbed a brown extension cord and cut both ends off, took that a pair of scissors and some electrical tape with me. I pulled off the cover for the 6×9 that was in the rear of the Blazer behind the driver’s seat and spliced the wires together. hooking up the home system sub woofer to the 6×9 wires, I thought I was the shit! My moms Blazer sounded so good!! Until I got a severe scolding! This was my very first hook up and I have been hooked ever since. Years later, joining the Army and deploying to Afghanistan, I suffer from severe PTSD and anxiety as well as depression. This car audio lifestyle has saved me in many ways. The passion behind the clarity of the music, not only being loud and making the ground shake, but hearing the vocals that you are in the moment with. Creating a mini concert inside your vehicle and making it your own. Just like any other car industry statistic, your sound system shows your personality. Weather you are simple and basic or your complex and creative, either way you need to be heard!! Loud and Clear Car Audio Hawaii has been created to push the mobile audio world to another level. Bringing together Hawaii’s most elite Gurus together and helping us go world-wide. A lot of inspiration has been created through years of competing, wisdom from builders and fellow bassheads. It’s not just about who is louder than who for me. It is about taking that 30 second run at the line up and temporarily escaping reality. Making people’s heads turn and just be WOWED!!  I want to make this dream come true! Dysturbin Da Peace and LNCCA will push the car audio technology and customers imagination. If you have a dream, we will help you achieve it!

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them build their dream systems. Here in Hawaii we struggle with shipping prices so I want to eliminate that as much as I can for my customers. This company is COMBAT VETERAN owned. There is a lot of pride that goes into what this company has and everyday is a learning process. Feedback is wanted so we can find better ways to make YOUR experience more comfortable, easier, and smoother.